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A marketing plan is one of the most critical documents to integrate with your business plan. It can be a one-page plan or an extensive document covering all areas of your business. Businesses have been found to be far more successful with a well-documented marketing strategy. We are here to help you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your industry and develop a marketing strategy that suits you.


 Mainstream advertising is such a useful means to generate good awareness of your products, services and brand. It’s a great driver to increase floor traffic to your store or business as well as drive audience towards your digital platforms. With over 30 years of experience in mainstream media, our team can help you build brand awareness, engage and learn more about your audience while generating a good ROAS.


A picture speaks a thousand words, and your content is key when engaging with your audience. We will help you create a strong impression to build your brand, deliver key messaging to your audience and increase consumer or client trust. We have photographers, videographers and producers to be able to create, engaging TVCs and high-quality content for your business.


With over 25 years in Sales, the team at Chook Media Group can assist your team with sales strategies, sales process’s, training and assisting with recruiting as well. This is so important as advertising can only get enquiry, it is imperative that your team has the skillset to make the most out of an enquiry which assist on your ROI.


Our team specialises in digital platforms including Google networks – Search, Display & Shopping and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & TikTok. We enjoy building out both organic creatives for posting on these platforms as well as targeted advertising campaigns directed towards your ideal audience. Our team excels in building new audiences, expanding existing audiences and retargeting strategies.


Chook Media Group is on the cutting edge of emerging media new to market that can assist with automation and increase customer engagement. Whether it be finding the right CRM for your business needs, sourcing influencers to promote your brand, incorporating up-and-coming streaming platforms, or utilising our advanced customer engagement platform, we have the right tools to maximize your advertising dollar.


Wanting a unique item to leave behind at sales calls? We can help you make the greatest impact with thousands of promotional products at our fingertips. Branding options include Embroidery, Digital Printing, Screen Printing and Sublimation.

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